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I'm empty and numb these days. I hate that I'm not crying as much, I hate that tears can't or couldn't save you then or now.  Life continues to make more of  a destruction and a mockery out of me. It reminds me of the Sims 4 game, when you plead, cry, and beg the grim reaper in hopes of that life would be speared, and it doesn't happen. The grim reaper is just enthusiastically laughing at me with it's pal life. They try to out do one another. 
If I can't cry, don't think that I ever feel anything but love for you. The love is forever. It pains me that you're somewhere other than my arms. 
Another snow day & memory from Google ..a painful reminder. A painful reality. A painful unexplained truth.... you're
I wish that I could cry.
I'm deeply hollow
& Numb.

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They know we love them, whether tears continue or not, it's not measured not by our tears but by how we treated them when they were with us. :wub:

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