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I miss you
Too much to say
Too much to every shout
Or whisper to
A vast majority of society

They don't understand 
They don't care

"Replacements" exist for 
Everything,  they tell me.
Including feelings and emotions 

Including time and history.

They shout at me angrily,
"She doesn't need to exist anymore, her existence was never real".

I shout back at them
The sound of my feet hurriedly,  desperately,  and furiously 
As I run 
Run into our room

Collapse on your bed,
Close my eyes
Cuddle with your blanket.

My heart whispering 
Sweating tears

"When are you coming 

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We can't replace our dog, our soulmate.  But we can consider giving another a home.  I did and he saved me, seriously...when I got his papers I discovered he was conceived when Arlie died, and born on my birthday, tell me he wasn't meant to be mine.  I think Arlie had a paw in this.  My beautiful, sweet, goofy, fun, communicative, considerate partner is gone, but I have this little sweetie and constant companion by my side.  Both very unique.  Arlie's qualities cannot be replaced, they are a tribute to him, my once in a lifetime companion.  But then so are Kodie's.  We love them for who they are, each one a "one of a kind."  You think you can't possibly love again...but I have found my heart is big enough.

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