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Heart Breaking Memories?

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Hello all. I hope you are e doing well. Unsure how to best phrase this question, but I am curious if you have any examples of a time where your heart was truly broken for your significant other…specifically in his or her final years?

I thought about this as I was posting to a cancer forum specific to the type of leukemia my wife had.  I don’t know, I just remember how my wife would read forums and soak up every bit of incifmeation she could, I figure with it being so rare I might be able to help someone sharing her experience.  

One thing I recall that really tore heart was:
As part of my wife’s disease her spleen started to enlarge as it was taking on so much blood.  My wife was very tiny (~105lbs) and was really proud of her slim/voluptuous figure.  Unfortunately her spleen grew so large, people started asking if she was pregnant. I remember one day she came out and had a maternity shirt on. I think she was hoping I didn’t notice and honestly I ignored it, but it really broke my heart.   

I have many other examples but am curious about your experiences (if any). In a weird way it does not bother me to reminisce about it because I was very cognizant and gentle about the situation (it might be different if I made snide remark to her.). Ah, I miss her so much. Thanks

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9 hours ago, Sad_Widower said:

I just remember how my wife would read forums

That's funny, my husband was a forum guy too!  He had anxiety and joined an anxiety one I remember.  I remember him getting a response from "anxious one."  ;)

Heartbreak...his death was sudden (that weekend) and although he had a previous heart attack, we hadn't known it until that fateful weekend...turns out he literally died causing his car accident, six months to the day before his death...the airbag gave the thrust to the chest that restarted his heart...the heart surgeon pieced it all together when we were discussing it.  George had been so puzzled about his "passing out" with no warning, having eaten before starting his long drive home (diabetic).  Then that weekend on Friday he had another heart attack, six months later, went in the hospital, and Sunday, while awaiting surgery on Monday...he died.  I'd already felt he would not make it through surgery, but I thought we'd have one more day together...no, not to be.  This was the weekend my heartache began...

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For me it was hard to watch my husband lose his mental capacity.  He was highly intelligent, and when the cancer took his ability to think clearly and he realized that was what was happening, it nearly destroyed him in that moment. 

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