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Oliver..my dear


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Heartbroken and destroyed further.

Found out a cat named Ollie that I fed and trying to get off the streets for many years ...

Was hit and killed today or maybe last night....

And they left him there....

Maybe he was still alive afterwards....even if he wasn't..they left him.

I just spent time with him yesterday....if I had known....I would have tried to spend more or something....

I had someone coming to collect his remains to bury him... Unfortunately they couldn't get here in time and the garbage collectors came, bagged up his remains and threw them in the truck....

Like he was nothing...

He wasn't garbage.

He hated and was scared of plastic bags...smh.. now he wind up in one...

I wish I could have saved you Oliver.....

It's all my fault..
For this too....

My sweet baby Jada and now my handsome boy Ollie..

Can't stop crying and further spiraling.

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I am so sorry.  I truly believe they are in heaven awaiting us and he is at peace.  I hope it helps you to think of that.
Comfort for Grieving Animal Lovers


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