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i wonder if anyone could give me any advice?a friend of my daughters has just lost her dad feb 2006 and her mum has cancer,things dont look good.

the young girl is 14 and has a 12 year old sister.they have no other family and the 14 year old is staying strong for her mum and sister.

ive told her about this site and told her ill always be there to listen to her but im at a loss for anything else i can do for them.

I thought i had it bad at 36 but these are just children,my heart really goes out to them.

If anyone has any ideas what else i could do please let me know



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Hi Amanda,

There are many, many resources available nowadays to guide adults in helping children cope with death, loss and grief. One such resource is our own Hospice of the Valley here in Phoenix, which offers a comprehensive packet filled with useful information, including these handouts:

Developmental Stages & Children's Responses to Grief

What We Can Do to Help Children Deal with Death & Grief

Talking to Children about Death

The Grieving Family: A Contract for Healing

Explaining the Funeral / Memorial Service to Your Children

Teens Talking to Teens Online Message Board

How to Comfort the Bereaved Teen

Reading List for Teens on Grief and Loss

To request a copy of the Children's Grief Packet, contact Hospice of the Valley's Bereavement Office, Hospice of the Valley, 1510 E. Flower Street, Phoenix AZ 85014, telephone 602-530-6970, info@hov.org.

You'll also find links to dozens of helpful resources on the Child, Adolescent Grief page of my Grief Healing Web site.

I'm so sorry these children are faced with so many obstacles to overcome, but how fortunate they are to have in their lives such a concerned friend as yourself. Bless you for caring enough to seek whatever information might help you in helping them.

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How incredibly sad. This is one thing I find good about the board too, that just when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I read something like this and it makes me knock off my pity party! I am sure with you in their lives, they will be ok. You are such a caring person and will understand their grief.

Good luck.



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thank for all the info it will help a great deal.


yeah it wakes you up doesnt it,my mum always said what ever bad is happening to you remember there is always someone else in a worse situation and she was right.

i will do the best i can for them.

loads of love


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