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Hey! It's Baaack!

Paul S

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I am so happy it is back. i didnt realize how much i need this site. i actually was having alot of anxiety about it not being back. i suffer from anxiety anyway so this did not make it better. i am so thankful to be able to come back here when i need to , thanks to all of you.

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Hi Paul S,

Thank you so very much for the little humour, I have had a very bad day and I also will be having a very difficult day tomorrow... Today was the sixteenth month since my mom died and next week on the twenty fifth makes the one year mark since my dad died and tomorrow is our first family picnic for my mom's side without mom or dad.. SO it was nice to read.. take care Shelley

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Once again, I don't often post...I just read. However, without this site I was somewhat lost. Was completely unaware

of how much I depend on all of you for peace and comfort.

Best wishes and kind regards to all of you!

Take care, be well, and may God bless each and everyone of you.

Sincerely, William

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