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Missing Them


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Missing them is all the time.





Shaking fist at God

Are less.

But missing them is all the time.

Tears fall more gently now.

From time to time

Dripping one after other

From eyes to chin.

A torrent, now and then.

But missing them is all the time.

The wishes, prayers, and fervent hopes

That this might not be true

Come still,

But not as often now;

And with deep knowledge of the truth

Despite the wrong.

And missing them is all the time.

Life, now, is altered -

Very changed

From what it was -

No going backward,

Only forward -

Missing them and moving toward




alone. But not alone.

Remembering them is all the time.

Maxine Piper

In memory.

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That is lovely -

Its over a year since I lost the man I love too

There are, may be, a few hours at a time when he is not at the front of my mind but still everything I do is coloured by the memories.

You have expressed that so well - I hope you won't mind if I print it out and keep it with my other memories.

We just have to keep on and let time do the rest......................

Nicky A

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Hi Maxaz1,

Thank you so very much for sharing such a great peom... It is really special when others who are talented enough to write poetry share it with others... I love reading it and it helps me cope alot better.. Take care and God Bless You Shelley

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