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I kept thinking that there was something in the month of Oct.....and just realized that my Mum's 3rd Birthday since she herself passed is Oct.11. And yet, I don't even care this time 'round, which is one less pain I have to carry now. The only pain I feel now concerns my little girl's absence. SHE was the one who loved me more, gave me more, taught me more GOOD things, all in her much shorter lifespan. And for that, I'm so PROUD of her, and feel so blessed to have been chosen to be her Mom. I will always cherish how she used to yell out what sounded to us just like, "Mooooommmmm!!!!!" So instead of missing my own Mother today, I will instead only be missing BEING a Mom, as I've done for all of 49 days now....a role I NEVER wanted to give up, because it felt so GOOD to love my little girl....my very own 'Niski-Pie'.

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You sound like you were a wonderful mom the, i am thankful she had you. all of the little creatures should have people like you to love them. i am missing my spanky who i lost 2 weeks ago, it seems like forever since i have seen him. he was one of my boys, i loved him like my children. i only wish i to could of had him longer. my prayers are with you. lori

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