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I wish I could see the dog,

Wagging her tail so quickly

because that would mean

you came home.

I wish you were here,

to hear your son laughing

because that would mean

you were here to watch him grow up.

I wish I could see,

the lights of your pick up in the driveway

because that would mean

I wasn't alone.

I wish you returned my phone call,

that July evening

because that would mean you were on your way home to us.

I wish I could hear you say,

"I love you"

because that would mean

I could still talk to you about the day.

I love and miss you dearly Trevor.

Brooke and your son you were so proud of, Tanner. xoxoxo

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Brooke, your words are so pretty and so true. My dogs would perk up if I said he's coming, they would run to the door and tails would wag. The pick up truck is gone now and my car parks in the space but when I stare out the window the pickup truck is still there and I can see his face. I have forgotten sometimes and taken the phone into the bathroom with me, in case, he calls. Then I realize he won't. Thanks for sharing Brooke, I understand. Deborah

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Your poem should be published! It speaks so true of how each of us have felt, of what we've gone through...expecting to hear their voice on the phone, waiting for them to come home from work, the weekend approaching, wanting to spend it together like we always did, the night coming, and still sleeping alone...

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