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I think I may have mentioned this book in another thread, but it's worth repeating in its own thread for anyone who may have missed it.

Kim Sheridan has a book out that deals with after-death communications (ADC's) from animals after they've transitioned. It is the best one of its kind that I've read so far, and her stories about her own furry friends are a total delight! I have the utmost respect for all she's done, in this field and many others, and in her commitment and dedication to helping ALL animals on this planet and not just the more 'popular' or 'acceptable' ones. I can't say enough about both her and her book. And btw, she was quite the skeptic when she started and approached the subject quite logically and scientifically. So if you're skeptical, you'll appreciate her methodology. She's already working on her second book , which should be even better, I'll bet. If anyone has any doubts about continuing life for animals after physical death, or has been told that they don't have eternal souls, this is the book to put an end to those depressing thoughts!

While I didn't need convincing due to all the fabulous signs Sabin had sent me after his crossing, the only thing I found depressing was revisiting all these wonderful signs, signs I recognized from Sabin himself, when Nissa isn't sending me the same, as-tangible ones...though I do really think she is sending some...just not the more obvious ones. But still, all-told, this book can't be beat so far. I can't recommend it enough! And Marty, if it isn't already on your list of resources, it definitely should be!

Animals and the Afterlife

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Thank you so much for the recommendation of this book. As you know, besides the pain of missing Tawny, one of the hardest things about her untimely death was my worry about her still-where is she? Is she okay? Is she lonely? She was such a loving dog that I cannot stand to think of her alone or without all the love she deserves. I have also shared that I don't really know what I believe. I definitely look forward to reading this book and hopefully gaining some comfort or some relief from my confusion. Every time that I think I am better, than the tears start flowing freely, as now. All part of the process, I know.

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But still, all-told, this book can't be beat so far. I can't recommend it enough! And Marty, if it isn't already on your list of resources, it definitely should be! Animals and the Afterlife

Maylissa, dear ~

Thank you so much for alerting me to Kim Sheridan's book and Web site. (Whenever one of our GH family members recommends a book, trust me, I pay attention :wub: )

I've just ordered a copy of Animals and the Afterlife so I can read it myself. I've also added a link to Kim's site to the list of resources on the Memorializing page of my Grief Healing Web site, and have added her book to the list of recommended resources in two of the lessons in my online e-mail courses on pet loss.

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Thanks Marty T, and Maylissa,

I will definitely seek a copy of this book, as I have lots of animals in my family and everyone knows they do not live for ever... Take care and thanks for sharing this information Shelley

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i brought this book a few days ago,and its fantastic.

im going crazy without my marnie,i just want to give up on life

as i dont have my baby,but this book has made me realise marnie is with me all the timw :wub::wub: page 229 was fascinating because when my

baby went with the angels on that very sad day,i started seeing a beautiful white butterfly,saw it everyday at least 10 times a day,i would watch it play in the grass and circle me,even when my O/H was out in the garden the butterfly never came,but as soon as i walk out into the garden there is the butterfly :D:D

reading Maylissa post this morning put a little fuzzy feeling in my tummy as i too dreamt about marnie,it was in the first week of her going with the angels and i just took it as a dream but i think maybe it was marnie visiting me,i often see something in the back seat of my car when im driving,and always thought no it cant be,but i do think this is now my babe,she followed me everywhere in life,why not now.

thanks for recommending the book. :):)

marnie when she was only a few weeks old xxxxxxxx


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I'm so glad you bought Kim's book and have found it helpful, and that your spiritual 'eyes' are now being opened to these wonders and this reality. I hope you also avail yourself of Kim's different websites, as they all have something good and fine to offer.

Yes, it sounds like your dear Marnie has been with you, maybe in more ways than you've recognized as yet. I know it's not the same thing, or as satisfying or calming as their physical presence, but if we can know that they're still here, even sporadically, it's still better than nothing. So indeed, "why not now?"

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