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A Christmas Message

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Hello to all my fellow grieving friends on this site,

So often this time of year is so painful to endure. I wanted to share something positive that happened to me just before Thanksgiving that occurred while I was visiting a friend of mine and Jacks. It was the Monday before Thanksgiving and as I sat there visiting with my friend Brenda she told me that Jack had once told her “I’m your soft place to land”. These words touched me and I knew that she was one of so many people whom Jack provided a “soft place to land”. He was in so many ways that “place” for me for so many years.

On Thanksgiving morning I wrote the following letter to Brenda – thanking her for the wonderful visit – and – for inspiring a poem I wrote on Thanksgiving morning.

What follows is my letter to Brenda – and then the poem – dedicated to that “soft place to land “ that Jack provided to so many.

Here is the letter – and then the poem:

An Early Christmas Gift For You – Inspired By Our Recent Visit Together

“I’m Your Soft Place To Land”

My Dear Brenda,

When I recently visited with you – during our conversation you recalled to me how Jack said to you “I’m Your Soft Place To Land”. I can’t tell you how these words moved me and reminded me how he was not only your “Soft Place To Land” – but how he provided that same warm and gentle place “to land” for so many in his life – including me. I was the lucky recipient of “double doses” of this “Soft Place” - and I am so grateful for having had him in my life and for having the privilege of being able to live with him and calling him my Life Mate for 27 years. I was indeed blessed.

I knew as soon as you recanted this story to me that there needed to be some expression of this special facet of his personality - memorialized for others to share – the story of the “Soft Place To Land”. I know what he meant to you - not only as a human being and as a friend - but also as that special person who provided you a refuse from all life’s difficult periods.

That sweet and gentle loving man touched so many. And so as we begin this Christmas Season I wanted you to have not only this letter expressing my gratitude for sharing the “Soft Landing” story with me – but also for you to know that it inspirited the attached poem - which I wrote because of what you told me about My Dear Jack – Your Dear Jack.

May you always know that he can still provide you that same “Soft Place To Land” by simply remembering the essence of who he was. Remembering brings him back to us. He still provides that “Soft Place To Land” – by how we live our lives and how we provide that same warm “Soft Landing Place” to others.

I am here for you always – just like Jack was - if you ever need another gentle runway on which to land.

Please accept the additional copies of this poem to share with Jacks customers – many of whom also experienced that special “Soft Place” each week on their Adventure to Jacks Special Space – and time wrapped in his heart.

With Love – Lots Lots,

Jack’s - John Boy

Merry Christmas – My Brenda

“He Was My Soft Place To Land”

I still remember I still know

Where my eyes first saw his glow

I still see the distant land

Where I first saw that sweet man

I still recall the hair of gold

How it parted - how it glowed

I still see those eyes so brown

How they turned my heart around


“He was my soft place to land”

That sweet and gentle loving man

I’m not the only one to know

All the gifts he had to show

He showered them on many more

So much love he had to pour

He gave gifts of time and chat

For each heart that needed that

Recipes for life he scattered

Showing each what really mattered

Providing sage right from the heart

So popular right from the start

Always there to listen too

The strength of what he was to you


“He was your soft place to land”

That sweet and gentle loving man

And so I shared my gift of him

With each and every one he trimmed

With all the ladies that he cared for

And that he was always there for

He held each one of you like gold

Sharing recipes of old

Weaving tales rich and wild

As he did your hair in style


“He was your soft place to land”

That sweet and gentle loving man

I still miss him by my side

He was my life’s gentle ride

What he always gave to you

Was also – always mine – times two

I still see the distant land

Where I first saw that sweet man

I still see those eyes so brown

How they turned my heart around


“He was my soft place to land”

That sweet and gentle loving man

I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas – in memory of your loved ones who I am sure - provided each of you - “Your Soft Place To Land”


John – Dusky is my handle on here

I love you Jack

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If you're ever in Chicago, would you let me know.

Not to sound wierd or stalking or anything, I just would like to meet you if you happen to be in the region. You sound like such an awesome person. I am hurting so badly right now and I know you know why. Brain tumors, what an evil affliction.


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Hi Dusky,

Thank you so very much for making my gloomy day a little brighter.. This is why I tell people that this website is like having a real family... People here really do understand and care about what others are going through.. Take care and God Bless You Shelley

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