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From Sandy Goodman's Love Never Dies Holiday 2006 Ezine:


ten christmas dinners

ten lighted trees

ten nights of candles burning by your grave.

ten years,

a decade . . .

of missing you

and still my breath catches

when i close my eyes and call you to me

and see your smile

and hear your laugh

and feel your love.

you are not gone from our season of joy.

you live on and touch us to remind us

that trees and candles and family dinners

are the memories

we fill with the light of love

to sustain us

for eternity.

© 2004 by Sandy Goodman, author of Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love and reprinted with her permission. Contact Sandy at sandy@loveneverdies.net; visit her Web site at Love Never Dies. To subscribe to Sandy's e-newsletter, click on Love Never Dies Newsletter and follow the instructions there.

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Hi Marty T,

Thank you for sharing this peom with all of us and thank you for your last email it is very nice of you to help me with all my grief issues even though it might sound like I am acting like a broken record sometimes... Thanks again and God Bless You Shelley

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