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Hi all,

I haven't posted on this particular site until now. My husband died August 24, and I've been posting under the 'other headings'...but now, unfortunately, I need to post here.

My most adorable, sweet and precious "momma-Kat" died one week ago. I had her for 16 years and I've NEVER know a more affectionate and lovable 'girl' than her. She would cuddle and talk to me and snuggle with me and give me kisses - I loved her so much!!...and my husband, Dick, fell in love with her too and her with him. She always slept on his lap - during his naps and at night.

Anyway, while I was away with my daughter for a couple of days, our friend was staying at our house to take care of my daughter's two dogs and sleep with Momma-Kat - 'cuz she would get lonely all by herself. We got a call from Katrina on Saturday saying MK was very sick and not moving...I told her to take her to the vet - the vet called me and said he didn't think she would last the day. She had cancer all inside her - so I asked him to put her to sleep, as I didn't want her to suffer. I cried the entire drive home - about 8 hours.

I've been praying to please be able to see 'Momma' one more time, and last night I dreamt that I was driving a open car and this HUGE, black cat(momma was tiny, tiny - and black), came and jumped on my lap and started snuggling, giving me kisses and talking to me. Then I noticed her tag and it said "This cat is street-trained"...and I knew that meant she was taking care of and looking over other animals now - and I also knew that not many cats got that privelege, but she did because she was sooooo kind andloving!!! Then she jumped off my lap and took off, as if she had work to do!! (I think she was so huge because now she was eating more and her body was healthier).

I'd always thought that when animals go to heaven, they're companions - just like they were here. I never thought they actually "worked"...but now I know differently. Maybe momma is a 'guardian cat' now.

This dream gave me so much peace and pleasure, and I wanted to share it with other furry-kids moms and dads.

Love and heart-peace to all,


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I'm terribly sorry you've had yet another family loss, and so close to the loss of your dear husband, too. It must be excruciating for you.

But I'm so glad you've been fortunate enough to receive such a wonderful visitation from your Momma-Kat, in the form of that 'dream'. I know how comforting those can be, when you're lucky enough to get them. Thanks for sharing that here with us. It seems you got her message loud and clear, with that instant understanding that often comes with such visitations...a real blessing, especially when our hearts are so raw. You can now carry this message, and all its attendant feelings, along with you, forevermore, to cushion the pain of loss, and use it to help you see you haven't really 'lost' her entirely, as she bridged that 'gap' to come and see you.

It's true that, just like all species, our furry ones usually continue their loving service to others on the Other Side and their jobs can change from what they were on earth...again, just like our own. I've been told, by the one communicator I've used so far since Nissa's passing that she has now taken on the job of helping abused animals (whether they're here, or there, I'm not sure...I didn't feel the need to ask..maybe both?), which I got comfort from knowing, as that's been my own focus much of the time here, too...so like Mother, like Daughter. It warmed my heart to find this out. They can still visit with us, too, even while working, as from what I understand time is not linear there and anyone can be in 2 places at the same time. I was told to not feel that I was taking Nissa away from her work if I needed her, called her to be with me...she could handle both....good to have confirmed.

If you now need to post in this forum, too, know that you'll be as welcomed here as in the Loss of Spouse forum - I've done some cross-forum postings myself since joining...though not so much of late, as this forum is now my focus, for as long as it takes. Again, all my sympathy to you in this traumatic time and I hope you will find as much help here as whatever you've found in the other forum. We're here to hold each others' hands and try to ease some of the pain as best we can.



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I've been meaning to respond sooner, but time just seems to get away from me. First I am so sorry for your loss. But what a wonderful dream you had, and I am so happy for the peace and comfort that it has brought you. I am still waiting to have a dream from my Tawny to let me know that she is okay, but your experience gives me comfort also, and hope, as well. Thanks for sharing in your time of grief and for reaching out to us!

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