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I am from a place where it is cold in the winter. This won't work if you are not. Our city of about 16000, have a Christmas ritual of placing ice candles at the cemetary on Christmas Eve. You can make them yourselves or purchase them. To make them you simple fill a five gallon bucket with water and leave over night. Then pour hot water over the bucket to loosen the ice that has formed and remove it from the bucket by tipping over. Poke a hole in the top, which was the bottom in the pail and pour out unfrozen water. The candles we buy last for three days. The cemetary is then a beautiful and peaceful place on Christmas Eve. This past year there were over 6000 candles.Our cemetary is at the bottom of a big hill so as you drive down you feel the whole effect. We, as a family, have been doing this since it started here - grandparents, aunts and uncles and last year my mom. This year it was also for my husband Rick. It is a beautiful sight and does give you peace -- just a thought for next year if you live where it goes below freezing. Jane

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Lori, I'm from Canada, we buy these cheap "cottage candles" from Canadian Tire. They are amazing for the length of time they burn - maybe the cold air helps them burn longer - they are about 6" tall and maybe 3" wide. Jane

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