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My Angel Sleeps


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My angel keeps on sleeping, my love sleeps so peacefully. He rests on a beautiful green meadow, so high I cannot reach, but I understand, he's alright, my beautiful angel sleeps. How lovely must my baby look, just resting there while he deeply sleeps.

I miss his eyes made of sky, I cannot see them anymore, he's so high on that green meadow where only angels can be. My baby left his dreams with me, so while he sleeps I dream for him, I gave him my heart so my love could warm him through cold nights, I miss him so much, but I know he's alright, sleeping around angels just like him.

I caress his sleep with thousands of "I love yous", and his soul with my daily prayers. My angel sleeps, and I patiently wait. I miss him so much though, that it feels sometimes so hard to bear, but I understand that he's alright, he is in a much better place, deeply sleeping around angels just like him.


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Hi Gabrielle_land,

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful peom, I think it is so very special when people can write the way they feel about someone... I just wish we all could do it and since some of us can not we can read such lovely peoms others have written.... Thanks again and take care Shelley

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