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God really used This article to help me today. I pray that it will help each one of you too, dear friends

"All grief must not be thought of as dreary and destructive. The world would be worse without it. If no man's life were significant enough to cause weeping, if birth and death were unmarked, if the measure of our years on earth were nothing, we might better be houseflies rather than human beings, made in God's image.

Profound grief is preceded by deep love which gives life meaning. In the deepest sense our days would be empty and futile if we never grieved, or never dying, left empotional chaos behind us.

The idea that grieving indicates that we have enjoyed a relationship of deep love and respect is very comforting to me. And it causes me to want to live my life in such a way that I leave behind as much "emotional chaos" as psossible wherever I go.

I love you Walter, then, now and always

Erica xxxx

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That's really true...loss lends credence to profound love.

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