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How Can My Beloved Nvwati Be Gone?


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Hello. I came across this site yesterday and spent hours reading posts.

On Friday afternoon I lost my beloved timber wolf/siberian husky, Nvwati to a sudden massive heart attack.

Nvwati was born in my front room on April 1,1999 at 10:30 am.

Nvwati was the odd dog out....... he was blonde and white, while the other pups in the litter looked more like timber wolves. They got good homes immediately but as prospective new human companions came to see the pups I would pick up Nvwati and all but push him in their arms, but they all said, "No".

When he was six weeks old I awoke to find his wolf mom Miko, in seizure. She was brought to the animal hospital at 7:30 am that day, diagnosed with a brain tumor that afternoon and passed away that night. For six months I couldnt stop crying over her loss.

Nvwati took her death quite hard and so I kept telling him I would keep him for one more week.

Before long he wiggled his way into my heart and he remained my constant companion for over 8 years.

The word Nvwati is a Cherokee word meaning "Good Medicine". And that he was.

I am a person living with AIDS, have survived breast cancer. During times that I wanted to give up he refused to let me.

Nvwati literally stopped traffic when we were out. He was so very beautiful and had an attitude to go along with his beauty.

He competed in a pet singing competetion here and was a finalist. We flew to NYC where he competed in an international pet singing competition. He won second prize. He was on several television shows and travelled all over to perform for a year.

I am aboriginal (Native american) and I drum and he sang right along with me.

Nvwati gave what I referred to as "Butterfly kissies", his tongue barely touching your skin when he kissed you.

He was especially sensitive to homeless people, he seemed to know they needed just a little more love than others might.

Sadly yesterday afternoon while we were out for a walk I noticed he was slow. Jokingly I asked him if he was getting to be an old man. Half an hour after our return home he was laying on the floor and let out a yelp. I helped him to my bed and rubbed his tummy thinking maybe he ate something he shouldn't have. I looked into his beautiful ice blue eyes and saw that he was not ok.

I immediately called the Animal Hospital and was told to bring him in.

We got two blocks from home when he began to stagger and then sat down on the sidewalk. Looking in his beautiful eyes I knew I was losing him. I sat on the sidewalk next to him and held his little head in my arms telling him how much I love him as he passed away.

The vets ran over to where we were after I called, and examined him right there on the sidewalk and sadly told me he was gone. They carried him to the Animal hospital less than a block away and immediately did an autopsy.

My beloved Nvwati died of a massive heart attack!

After the autopsy I was allowed some alone time with my baby and I held him and cried on him and stroked him and told him how very much I love him, I thanked him for 8 years of unconditional love from him,told him to go play with his wolf mommy and let him know that when die I will make sure I bring a ball with me so we can play together in Rainbow Bridge.

As I left the Animal Hospital, I sat outside on my scooter (wheelchair type thing) and looked up at the sky. On the one side of the street where I was, the sky was blue and sunny. Directly across the street the sky was black and it was raining. It was as though the heavens had opened to welcome my beloved Nvwati home.

I miss him so very much! I don't know how I can go on without him.


Amber O'Hara


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Oh, Amber ~ Your boy is absolutely beautiful, and your story is heartbreaking. We are so very sorry to learn of the sudden, unexpected death of your beloved Nvwati, and you have our deepest sympathy. Please know that here, you are among fellow animal lovers who understand and appreciate the very special bond you have with Nvwati, as well as the pain you are feeling now. We are holding you in our hearts . . .

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Dear Amber,

Nvwati's story is so sad :( , as is Miko's, and yours. I spent some time looking up Nvwati's story online and found his memorial pages. He was indeed a special being who companioned you through some incredibly tough times. That alone would be cause for deep grief, but the fact that his passing was so sudden only adds to your trauma.

I don't mean to sound heartless and hope I don't, but to be honest, I was hesitant to reply, being a staunch supporter of having all companion animals in this world spayed/neutered, at least until there are more than enough good homes for every one of them, everywhere. My beliefs notwithstanding, I also know that some incredible bonds of love have developed between those unfortunate animals who have come from such sad situations and the humans who have taken them into their hearts. Nvwati and you are among those and seem to have been placed together for the benefit of each other. I can easily imagine all he must have given and taught you in your all-too-brief time together. You pulled him through the loss of his mother, and in return, he gave you likely more than you'd ever expected.

I'm very sorry for your loss of such a treasured boy.

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I am glad you found this site. I lost my mom to AIDS this past Dec and on that same day I had to put my Bernese Mountain Dog to sleep. We didn't know he was sick until the day before when he wouldn't eat. My mom loved him and I find comfort knowing they are together.

Would I have seen your dog on TV? He looks familiar and I always watch animal shows. I am so sorry for your loss, you have been thru so much. Please take care of yourself and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi Annie. Im sorry to hear you lost your mom to AIDS and your darling dog the same day. You must be very strong to have survived both deaths.

Yes Nvwati has been on many tv shows including Oprah Show, Good morning NY , Good morning America, Breakfast Television and Dini Petty show. He sang.

Thank you for your support.

Maylissa I too am a staunch supporter of having dogs spayed and neutered. I dont knwo what point you were trying to make.

Thank you so much Marty!

I can't believe how this site is helping me.

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Dear Amber,

I was only referring to the fact that Nvwati came from a litter of pups born to his mother, Miko, who obviously had been pregnant. I don't presume to know what the story/background of that was but since you hadn't mentioned it in your post, I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression of what my views are on this important (to me) aspect. Therefore, I felt the need to make that clear up front as I replied. Sorry if this caused any confusion.

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Oh Miko was a whole other story! She was 12 when I got her .... left to me in the will of an old grandmother who had her since she was a pup. I am wolf clan and this grandmother knew my love and respect for wolves, so she left her to me.

I had Miko two years before her pregnancy. She never went into heat and we just all thought she had been spayed or was infertile. I was away in Thunder Bay doing an AIDS workshop and Miko was staying with her boyfriend dog Timber. When I got back the owner of Timber ( Gramma Helen) told me they mated! We still didnt think that she was fertile but 63 days to the day later five pups were born.

Nvwati was spayed and microchipped and Mkwaa is spayed.

Marty thank you sooooo much for these links!! And thank you for understanding.

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Thanks for explaining all of that! I'm so glad to hear that this was just some strange mistake. I can't remember now what age most wolves live to, though I imagine they might not live as long in the wild as if they're raised in a human home, but 12 must still be fairly old, I'd guess. Poor Miko, having to give birth at what I'm assuming to be at least middle age or likely more! I'm so sorry you lost her, too, and so soon after she had her litter. And I suppose that also meant that Nvwati (and his siblings) weren't able to enjoy the benefits of being weaned at the proper time, but were cut off from their mother's milk too early? What a sad, sad tale. I know it was all so hard on you, too, of course, but thank goodness you were there for Nvwati, to help him through losing his mom.

I'm sure he was just as thrilled as you were to find he had someone he could sing with! I watched the video of you and him drumming and singing.....precious! I could have watched this for hours! I can well imagine how much you must be missing this, and him. :(

Amber, you've done so very much for your furkids, and of course for the many women and their families who you've tried to help for so many years, and all your other work as well. ( and isn't Mkwaa a rescued dog?) Even though it's not even my life, I sit here angry that Nvwati was 'taken away' from you in such an untimely fashion! It seems so very unfair! The two of you made such a wonderful, compelling team.

Have you ever read Susan Chernak McElroy's book, "Animals as Teachers and Healers"? She is a strong defender of wolves (as am I) and devotes the final chapter in this book to them.

My home Province is MB, so I'm somewhat familiar with Thunder Bay, too.

Nvwati rather reminds me of the 2nd "Diefenbaker" from Due South (though the 2 "Diefs" were 'straight' dogs, from what I remember). Nvwati was just beautiful! And since it's believed in many cultures that wolves act as "mediators" between death and transformation (for one) and dogs are of course so close to us humans as loving companions, I can also envision how easily Nvwati might send you messages from the spirit world, to let you know he's just fine and that you're still so connected to each other. :wub:

Please keep us posted on how you're doing, as often as you need to. (now I'm off to finally reply to your other thread, about Mkwaa)

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