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Good Bye To Bailey


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Hi All,

My brother-in-law has just informed the adults of the house that after Christmas their dog Bailey will be put to sleep... My brother-in-law says that it would take about one thousand dollars to fix Bailey's teeth and he says that they just can not keep up with all the vet bills... They have had major vet bills for Bailey all ready and it is just getting too much for them... They have spent about three thousand dollars in the eleven years that she has been with them... So I guess it will be a sad new years for our house... Take care Shelley

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Shelley, dear ~

I’m so sorry that you are left with the impression that there are no people here who care that your niece and nephews are losing their only pet after Christmas. As I’ve said many times elsewhere in these forums, just because a person’s post may go unanswered for a while, it does not necessarily follow that nobody cares, and it saddens me that you or any of our other members would feel that way.

In the two and a half years that you’ve been a member of our GH family, Shelley, you’ve posted in these forums over a thousand times, on the average of once a day, and I know from reading every one of those messages (as well as the responses you’ve received from others) that there are lots of people here who care very much about you, about what’s happening to Bailey, and about the effects of an animal’s death and dying on the children in your family. See, for example, Bailey Is Dying.

See also my response to you in Really Down Today

I also know that this is not the first time that you’ve felt a need to be “done with this website,” Shelley, and that’s okay. You need to do whatever you need to do in order to take care of yourself. Just know that if and when you do decide to come back to us, we will always be here to welcome you.

Wishing you peace and healing,

Marty T

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Hi Shelley

Sorry I have been ill for the past few days and not visiting forum.

I am so sorry this is happening to Bailey. Would Bailey be ok if this dental work is done? I ask because I am wondering if we shouldn't be researching emergency funds for situations like this???????

Take care.

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Starkiss: Hi, Shelley: I am dealing with a special sad reminder right now and have been away from the boards. When I read this about Bailey I had to respond because I had the same situation a number of years back.

I had a "special" springer spaniel. You know, a dog that you and he really communicate with, feel and love in a super special way. My vet at the time told me heartworm was going around, but never prescribed any preventative and what did I know of this years ago? The jerk also told me once they get it it very expensive and almost impossible to treat. Well, we had no money, not even enough to pay all our monthly bills. and so you know what happened- My sweetheart started walking in circle, then a worm came out his ear. What was I to do with what I had been told? I had to make the decision to keep him warm and as well as possible hoping he'd go quickly. He lived another 1 1/2. years. I put blankets on him to stop the chills. When I called my vet to put him to sleep he was surprised at his condition. Did I tell why he was this way? No. I needed him to put my springer to sleep. It was already too late. I still feel terrible. My stomach cringes everytime I relive this, which I do often and it has been probably 8 years. I feel HORRIBLE yet at the time this is what I had to do. I torture myself over this . He depended on me and this was what I had to work with to make him feel as well as I could humanly do. It was a decision I knew I'd have to live with. At the time I could deal with it. Looking back on it kills me. BUT

He was already 11 years old when he got ill. He knew I loved him. I did the best I could do under the circumstances I had. Baily has the love and care of people for a relatively long time. A good life. Better than one without all this concern. I am no one to speak, as you can see, of how to deal with this well. But truly, its' not like we threw our guys into the street, or harmed them. It is PRECISLEY because we feel love and compassion and want to do more than we can that this bothers us so much. This concern on our part means we aren't bad people. Its' just that as humans we have limits. We ALL have limits, for people too.

I know it hurts- DoubleJo

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Nice to have you back.

My Linda had that kind of sense of responsibility to her animals too. She was forced to give up her umbrella cockatoo this past spring due to being too unwell to cope with his need for her attention and his need to scream, etc. (anyone who's had a parrot will understand). I truly think she was as broken hearted about sending him away as she would have been about him dying. She was so bonded to him, and it was so hard. I certainly understand both your loss and Shelley's. I'm so sorry for both your losses.


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Hi DesertBob,

Thank you for replying and my brother had a parrot named shamrock and it died of old age... The vet wanted him to put it down but he just could not do it... He took it home with him and that night he was watching tv and let shamrock out of his cage and they were both sitting on the couch... Soon after that shamrock just seemed to be very quiet and died shortly after.... It really bothered both my brother and his wife very much eventhough they had many other animals to keep them company... Take care Shelley

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What a very tragic event to happen to have to lose a beloved pet because of money. What a shame the children have to suffer.I know money is a big factor in the way pets are treated or not and to lose one over it is a shame.But its the way life is today,money shouldnt matter in a situation like this but unfortuately it does all too often. Even worse i read your earlier story of how bailey was misdiagnosed with cancer and got a second chance only to have it taken away.Im sure he had a good life of 11 years but it is never enough.I just recently put my 161/2 girl to sleep and i still think maybe i could have saved her and had her for just a little longer.I hope your nieces and nephews are okay and im glad they have you around as I can see you care deeply for them as well as their beloved pets.We are only human and can do so much but we all love our pets.take care of yourself

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