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Rainy Day In Phoenix, Some Days Are Harder Than Others


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Hi y'all

It is a very wet and rainy day in Phoenix. My boy Bruzer would always burrow under the covers and get really close to us when it rained. I think he actually liked the rain but not thunder or lighting.

We are experiencing many "first" as Bruzer has only been gone a short while. This is the first rain, the first holiday season and so on since he passed away in October.

This Saturday will be the first local pet bereavement meeting we will have attended and we are looking forward to it. Seeing other people who understand the intense grief that such a loss brings will hopefully be comforting.

Many of us go through our lives oblivious to other people until we find a connecting event. My boy has taught me to be compassionate and understanding with others.

I am sure most of you know that Dog spelled backwards is God. There is a song I am fond of that has a verse that says, "God is alive in the face of a dog". I am not a religious person but I do consider myself to be a spiritual being. God is however we understand God. Different to many people I am sure.

And by the way, Cats and other animals are just as special too. :wub:

I guess that is it for now. I just felt the need to check in. Thanks again to all of you for being here and sharing. It means a lot to us.

Happy Holidays

Bruzers Mom and Dad, Kevin and Pamela


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Hi, Kevin and Pamela,

Yes, all of the 'firsts' are very difficult, and sometimes we even need to experience them several or even many times before they really start losing their sting....at least I and a few other people I know do. Many people have found often the small, daily triggers are just as hard to cope with as the larger events, such as holidays. It's all part of the emptiness and loneliness that comes with losing our precious babies, adding to the shock and alien feeling of our new world and lifestyle.....one that we never wanted.

I hope the support meeting goes well for both of you. It's good that you're trying one. Had the one we have here gone better for me, I would have kept going, but at the time I just couldn't take anymore stress of things going poorly.

Thanks for the praise of cats, too. :) (I love every darn creature there IS, really, even most insects if I can get past my heebie-jeebieness long enough!) And I see Bruzer liked felines, too, or at least those of the fabric persuasion! ^_^

I'd love to wish you the same felicitations back, but I'm afraid the "happy" part is still sticking in my craw too much yet. So I'll just wish you continued healing, no matter WHAT time of year it is. :closedeyes:

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I'm in shock that it's been raining here for 12 HOURS!! I can't remember the last time it rained in Phoenix. My Sheeba was never afraid of the wind or thunder. She'd just cuddle up with us on the couch or bed while Monster, our other cat, would hide under the bed. I think that's where he is right now :)

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Dear Kevin and Pamela,

I'm so sorry you didn't make it to our Pet Loss Support Group meeting today ~ I was looking forward to meeting you "in person." I know the weather was bad (for Phoenix) and I hope you're both all right. Please know that I am thinking of you both.

Wishing you peace and healing,


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