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First Time Without Tears

Elizabeth A.

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I was just writing about the door in our hearts behind which we keep our most painful emotions? Yes, behind that door is where I keep the memories of my friends, I tried not having the door there at all, but it was like every time I breathed it hurt. Hence the figurative door.

But this is a good post. I just wanted to say that yesterday I talked about a memory of a visit to my friend Jenn's house and didn't cry. I'm sniffling now, but yesterday was the first time I brought her up without crying or sobbing. Maybe it wasn't the best memory of her and yes I was a little put out at the time, but that's got to be something right?

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Elizabeth, dear, you bet it's something. Sometimes those little signs of forward progress are so subtle that we don't even notice them, unless we pay very close attention and give ourselves credit for them. Good for you for noticing! And go ahead and give yourself a nice, big pat on the back! :wub:

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Thanks, reading Marty's reply made me cry, and yes I know it's little, but it's what I've got. Thanks for being here!

Truly words can not express how much being able to come here on my own time, on my own tears, opps a fitting typo, on my own terms, to read or write or not all without being judged is a great help. Never underestimate the power of what happens here. Thank you all.

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