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I tried a grief therapist right after my mom died. It did not go well. I went 3 times and each time walked out feeling worse and alone. I stopped going and just decided "therapy" wasnt for me. Recently, things have gotten so bad and I know I have been keeping so much bottled up and am not dealing with the really bad and ugly stuff. So, I tried therapy again and I am so happy I did. I found a wonderful therapist who deals with "complicated grief". I am learning so much about myself and how to deal with things. Its one of the hardest things I have ever done...facing my feelings and letting them out. I am learning how to let the bad stuff out and then realizing afterwards, I am still okay. My biggest fear is if I face all of this and let it out, I wont be able to put myself back together. One surprising thing is I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress. I always think of war vets having that, not me. But, it was explained to me and I guess I have to agree.The reason for my post is if you have tried therapy and it didnt go well, try again. I am so glad I did.

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Oh Annie, I'm so pleased for you! The Post Traumatic Stress is interesting. Like you, I tend to think of soldiers or crime victims when I think of that term, but it makes so much sense that it would apply to any kind of severe stress. Take care of yourself and good for you for trying again!



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Annie, thank you so much for posting this important message! Finding a good therapist or counselor is no different from finding any other provider of health services ~ you are the consumer here, and you have every right to expect a good "fit" between you and the person with whom you are entrusting your health care ~ whether that care is physical or emotional. It's important for all our bereaved members to know that, if after two or three sessions you don't sense that your therapist or counselor has a good understanding of your grief process or doesn't seem like the person who can help you, you should feel free to try a different one.

Regarding PTSD, make sure you pay a visit to the Gift from Within Web site; it contains a wealth of useful information on the subject, and features some of the country's leading experts in the successful treatment of PTSD. (Once on the main page, hover your mouse over the topics listed at the top of the page to see the detailed drop-down lists: Articles, Tapes & DVDs, Trauma Support, etc.)

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