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All For The Love

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When we were young and careless one of our biggest worries

often was how would we ever get over the latest breakup with

a person we loved. Many songs were written about these

dilemmas - one was All For The Love Of A Girl by Johnny Horton

"Well, today I'm so weary,Today I'm so blue

Sad and broken hearted, And it's all because of you

Life was so sweet dear,Life was a song

Now you've gone and left me. Oh, where do I belong "

"And it's all for the love of a dear little girl

All for the love that sets your heart in a whirl

I'm a man who'd give his life, and the joys of this world

All for the love of a girl."

However once you lose that dear little girl to Death, you realize how precious and really sweet life was. I can remember the November day In 1960 that I heard of Johnny Horton's death in an automobile accident. He was taken from life and friends but his music and memories live on with us.

Tomorrow, April 13th, will be three years since my dear wife Jeannie was taken from me and her children.

And I still ask the question "Oh, where do I belong?"

All For The Love

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Let me know if you ever figure out the answer to that question. I don't want the life I have without Larry and I don't fit into life now. For everyone else time has gone on, lives have gone on but mine stopped that day Nov. 16, 2005 and I have yet to have found my way. Deborah

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We all belong with their love sealed deep inside our hearts where nothing can ever happen to it and we can reach down inside and draw comfort from it at any given moment.

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