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I just learned about a potential source of help with those home repairs that so many of us widows don't know how to do. According to my grief counselor, a group of men who belong to the church she attends started a volunteer group that will tackle handyman-type projects for senior citizens or widows who can't do those projects themselves. I don't know more than that except that this group is in Phoenix, but I can find out more.

I suspect there might be similar volunteer groups in other towns or states as well.

Another idea: I wonder if maybe Home Depot or Lowe's would be open to holding how-to fixit classes geared specifically to single women and widows? The stores already have such classes, but they're for the general public. It would be nice if they'd start a class that would specifically address the kinds of home repair or maintenance challenges we now need to face alone.

Does anyone think this would be worth pursuing?

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Hi Kathy,

I agree, we need help. I got a $7100 bid to replace my huge deck, looked into reducing the size, got some ideas, called a man from the church who did my drywall repairs, and I'm waiting for his bid. I know it will be less just because we'll have the deck smaller, use some boys from the church for demolition at a fair wage, etc. It will take 3 weeks instead of 9 days because he's 78. I guess it just takes not wanting so much and looking for the right help. I can do a lot of things, but you know sometimes it does take someone else. Thank goodness I built the house myself (18 years ago) and know something about construction. Times like this I sure miss my husband, right? Living on social security doesn't help either!

Your friend, Karen :wub:;)

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Kathy, something like that would be a blessing for someone like myself and I would imagine for many others in the same boat!

Recently I've been wondering how I'm going to manage the inside small stuff my husband always took care of long before I even noticed it. Not too long ago I discovered a leaky pipe under the sink in my small bathroom. My granddaughters husband made a halfhearted attempt to fix it but turned out to be as clueless as I am. :( Other small thing are cropping up too that often make me wonder if I'm even going to be able to stay in my home much longer.

I'll be watching with interest to see what you can find out.


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That is such a wonderful idea for a group of people to help widows and single ladies with home repairs. God knows I sure can use help with so many things around my house and it seems like after Jack passed away everything started to go wrong. I am so clueless when it comes to maintenance around the house my only responsibility was to clean it I mean seriously the first time I ever changed a light bulb was after Jack passed away and when I did it without electrocuting myself I was so proud for an accomplishment I made such a big deal about lol. I love to do yard work but I can never get the lawnmower to start so I always end up going to my next door neighbors house and bother him to come start it for me but by the time I have to edge or blow off the driveway I don’t want to go and bother him again to come start those for me too so my yard is always halfway done with grass and leaves still in the driveway. I have a new project now which is to change my daughters crib into the toddler bed so I figured how difficult can this be right, so I pulled out the instructions and all the different screws I looked at the crib :unsure: and then looked at Natalee and said to her maybe when you start kindergarten we will just buy you a new bed one that can be delivered and put together for us so until then just sleep here or with me lol.

My husband was so good with his hands he loved to repair things he was always putting things together it was his passion and I was the opposite I just never had patience and of course now the patience is extremely low. I plan on putting my house up for sale at the end of the summer but the bathrooms need to be retiled and I don’t intend on hiring someone who will come in there look at me and think to them self oh she looks like a gullible person let me jack up the price a few more thousand so I have no idea what to do. That is one of the reasons I am selling my house I am just going to move to California and live with my parents and not have to deal with any of this anymore. I wish all of us widow’s luck with any challenges that come our way and strength to figure it out. If you find out anything more about the volunteer groups and their areas please keep us posted.



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