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I was enjoying an after dinner coffee at a restauant today. I glanced at my hand and saw my rings. My rings made me feel so sad. I was fighting back the tears and finally went to the ladies room to cry.

I always wear my rings and his around my neck when I leave home. My rings have been a comfort, his still is.

Wonder why all the sadness today?


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Susan, How long has it been since you lost him? Someone told me grief is like standing in the surf at the beach, facing the shore, never knowing which wave was going to knock you over or when it would strike.

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Hi Susan K,

How long has it been since his death, I wear my mom's rings around my neck and sometimes I find myself emotional when looking at them... I find when I am thinking of her or I have done something that we did once together... Other times it just happens... I think that it is normal to have days like this.... I hope this helps... Shelley

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Because you miss what your were when he was with you. The rings are a symbol of that love and just glancing at them on occasion can sometimes bring back all those memories of what you were when he was at your side - and all that you miss. In a way we are luck - because some people never had that much to lose. Sometimes I have to remind myself how lucky I was to have had my Jack for all the years I did have him. I still cry - but can usually turn those tears into a smile, if I remind myself that some people never experienced the joy I had for so many years.

I still were Jacks ring around my neck (mine on my finger) on special occasions. Some days are just harder than others - but the love remains - on both good and bad days. Symbols sometimes make us cry - but those same symbols are the same ones that provided us years of joy as well.

Love and peace to you,

John - Dusky is my handle on here

Love you Jack

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