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Hi All.

What a day my stepdaughter sent me flowers and I cried then cried more all day.Had a good friend of mine go out to lunch with me.I sure miss Joel so much.I went to the grave and just taked to him.I never thought in my wildest dreams that he would not make it.He was so hopeful that he could beat it and me thinking it too.I know he is in heaven and he looked forward to seeing God.I would cry when he talked like that.he would say he did not want to leave me but maybe GOd thought he could help me better from heaven.April 19th was the worst day of my life at 5pm he left me.

thanks Kathy

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Hi Kathy,

My heart goes out to you and I am sorry for your loss, my husband went to heaven on March 21,2008 at 4.35 pm, lying in my arms. He would always tell me he did not want to leave without me being there with him, and I thank God that he allow us that time. I still cry for days, just trying to take care of myself is a struggle however I am eating and most nights I do sleep.

Again my heart goes out to you I do feel your pain.

Love Jackie

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I am sorry Mother's Day was so hard for you...I remember Mother's Days in the past when George would do his best to make my day special...I miss that. We were fortunate to have such wonderful men for the seemingly short time we had them. Each "first" is hard, but as you go through them, tell yourself you made it through and there will never be that particular "first" to tackle again.

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