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I pray this finds you all in great spirits, I have not posted in some time now, I don't beleive my Lawrence has been sleep for 5 months now, how I miss him, I think of him so many times a day. I have just been living life and enjoying I know thats what he would have wanted. I miss you all had a very hard time finding this site again. Marty and KayC whats going on..Enough from me. I would encourage all to Keep the Faith. God Bless you all


Love you all

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Jackie -

We're glad you found your way back here. Don't wander away again please! This is a sanctuary. Like you, I've been alone for 5 months now, and also like you, I lost my wife to cancer after a long struggle. It's still very very hard. But I've gotten a lot of help right here, and so will you.


- Joe

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Glad to see you back. I have a tendency to float in and out of here my self. Just knowing this site is here is a comforting feeling - a connection to others who really understand.

Peace and Love,

John - Dusky is my handle on here

Love you Jack

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It's been a while...I saw your post to Jan, it's good to have you back, please keep coming on line.

Nothing much new with me, I can't remember when you were here last...my job might end any day, I'm trying to save a marriage that may or may not work out, we still haven't lived together and it's been 1 1/2 years now, taking one day at a time, still missing my best friend, George...always will. My son is living with me since May, although you know how young people are, you don't see them much...he may be leaving next week for six weeks, we'll see...I'm taking care of his Siberian Husky, a LOT of work, but I love Skye dog. :P With time I can see things so much clearer than I could three years ago when all of this was new...I live on my own for the most part but can't say as I relish it yet, may never reach the point where it's my preference, but I'm more used to it than I used to be. Gone is the life where I had weekends to look forward to, where I had a partner that loved me and went through life with me...gone are the days where I had my best friend to talk over my day with and cuddle up to. Such is life...at least I lived fully and happily even if only for a few years until he was ripped from me!

I hope you are doing okay...five months...hang in there, and keep coming back.



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