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I Had A Dream About Janet

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I have not been sleeping well since Janet's death, and dreams that I remember have been few and far between. Before last night I remember having 2 dreams in which Janet appeared. In each case, she was some distance away from me and I could not talk to her or hear her speak. I have been wishing to have a dream in which we had contact, and last night my wish came true!

I woke up at about 2:30 this morning and lay awake in bed for a while before falling back to sleep. This is when I had a very vivid dream with a lot of action and some erotic content, none of which directly involved me or Janet, so I'll skip to the end, where she appeared. I was with my friend Joe, who lost his wife to lymphoma a few months before Janet was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We were cleaning up a large room after a wild party at a river rafting establishment.

After I was finished sweeping up, I went through a door into a small room. There was Janet! She was dressed in shorts and a light sleeveless blouse. Her arms were a little plumper than at anytime during our marriage, but she was not overweight. She looked so happy, healthy and pretty! She asked about breakfast and I told her we weren't planning to eat, unless she was hungry. She said, "I am starving." so I said I would fix her an omelet with diced red peppers. She exclaimed, "Good, I love those!"

I am so happy today after getting to "see" her, especially in a state of good health, and hear her voice. I just had to share this with you guys!


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Mike, I'm happy you had a dream visit from Janet! These kinds of visits mean so much because they leave you buoyed, comforted, and reassured that your loved ones are now happy, healthy, and freed from any pain or disease they suffered on earth. And - the dreams are a kind of reminder that Janet lives on, if not in her physical body.

It's great that you were able to hear her voice. Sometimes when I dream of Bill, he doesn't speak but I have heard his voice at other times.

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What a wonderful dream visit! I have had many in the four years since my ex-husband died. They are so comforting, and he always acts just as he would normally act (not weird like in regular dreams). Since my father's passing a year and a half ago, I have been having some dream visits from him, also. These dreams are such a blessing, we know they continue to live in another form and are watching over us.


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i have had lots of dreams of mum in the last few months she passed in march.

she was talking and comunicating like before she got sick with dementure.

i feel we have these dreams so they can comunicate with us and to show us they are around and fine, and still with us

look at the dreams you are having and just note every thing in the dreams

there are messages from loved ones in them

well i know they are


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That must have been neat! I have only had one dream about George and it was a long time ago and I got mad at him for having left me. :blush: I would love to see him again even if only for a moment in a dream...

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