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Kents Ashes

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Hi everyone

on saturday me and my family went to the ocean and scattered Kents ashes. I has been a little over 5 months since he passed. I cried alot. Thank God I had my family there. It was sad, but it was powerful. But other than that it was a good thing. I felt close to Kent by doing that. This place was a very special place to him and I. It was like having him with me again.

I love you all

God bless


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Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm happy that you that felt more than just saddness. I attended a Service of Remembrance in August for my husband because his eyes were donated. I felt more than saddness that day as well. Part of him has given sight to someone. It was a very moving ceremony. We have a camper and had planned to spend our retirement "wearing it out" as he put it. The service was held in a State Park which seemed a very fitting place and it was beautiful day.


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Kimb, I feel like I'm treading on holy ground here...I know how special it is to lay their bodies to rest or spread their ashes and it takes me back to 05/07 when I spread George's. I hope your service was very special Sherry!

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