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Today Is My Mom's Birthday-another First

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I used to think when people had a parent that died and they were really old that they were so lucky to have them so long and that it shouldnt hurt so bad. I was really wrong. I am so sorry for your loss. It doesnt matter how long you have them, when they are gone you are lost. Big hugs and hugs and hugs


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It was nice to be together for a dinner again. We all live in the same town so there is no excuse not to get together. It is just that after losing the tie that bound us all together, i guess we get busy with life and it is easy to forget all the dinners we shared in the past. We always go together for the holidays. We all laughed and had a great visit, my mom would have been happy to see us together and not let the family fall apart just because she is no longer there. I just don't want our family closeness to fall apart.

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Funny. I used to think the same thing, liberty. I don't completely understand it though because I was only 27 when I lost my mom. I guess when you're younger, you cry for the years you miss. When you're older, you cry for the person who has been there for you 40-50-60 years.


Glad to hear that your dinner went well. Perhaps you and your siblings should make it a monthly thing? Maybe one month go to a different house or restaurant or whatever. Maybe even use that time to celebrate special dates, like birthdays or whatever. It's hard work after you lose the bond, but the fact the bond isn't there sometimes makes it stronger. I'm closer to my oldest brother now. But as we have almost nothing in common, it's hard. But knowing that my mom would want it to be that way makes the work worth it.

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