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Hey Marty,

You know how much I love my family here and would not be where I am today without you all but I do not understand why close friends has been added into our group as I do not feel these are two groups of people that can truly understand eachothers level of grief. This is just my opinion and I would be anxious to hear some other opinions from our group also. Thanks so much for all you do for us and this site.


Wendy :wub:

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Thanks for bringing the topic up Wendy, I agree and in fact just finished sending a note to Marty about this. Maybe there should be a separate section just for them. My Dad lost his best friend years ago and certainly could have used just such a group. Of course he probably wouldn´t have contributed, but he did change considerably at that point and hasn´t been the same since. I know it must be very difficult for them as well. For many of us our spouse was our best friend, and you certainly know how the loss of that aspect of my marriage affected me. Even understanding that, a spouse can be so much more. Kay had a great post awhile back about all that we lose when we have that almost perfect relationship. Anyway, that is how I feel. Let´s see what else is said, my friend. :)

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Dear Ones,

I appreciate your suggestion, and I've just added a separate forum for Loss of a Friend. I hope, however, that you won't let that separation keep you from reading the posts and sharing your thoughts with those who find their way to that particular forum. We don't want to create so many forums that we're unable to keep track of one another and attend to all our members :blush: .

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