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Guest moparlicious

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Guest moparlicious

If you see a blond girl with a black long sleeved shirt on tonight it says Pink heels, for breast cancer awareness.I am going to looking for you Patti and Dusky and everyone else who can find me I will have several of Dans pictures on the memorial table. Love you, Kim

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Well, Kim and all those who got to attend the candle lighting ceremony, I am assuming it is now over or near over. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be and that you all got to meet each other. It's just too bad that your grief is what joined you all together. Let us know how it went.

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Hi Kim, Dusky, and Patti

I hope the candle lighting ceremony was a wonderful experience and that you all got to connect. Our hospice is having a "Light Up a Life" Angel Tree Ceremony on December 5. I plan to go and place an angel on the tree for my departed angel girl.


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Guest moparlicious


My heart is with you and I am proud of you for going to your ceremony.Your angel is always with you!!!

I did well at our ceremony,I only broke down when they played amazing grace. I did not get to meet Patti or Dusky, I did see Jack's picture, because of reading some of the bananna bread man stories and viewing pictures. I did meet Joyce (bereavement counsler) Carole, Debbie, and Susan. It was very nice and I really enjoyed it. Our family is making plans for next year!!!!!! I will post some pictures tom.

I wanted to share this card I got from my sister in law which really describes me, or so this is what I am told.

The front says "I Believe In You"

I believe in you....

in your kindness,

your generous spirit......

in the way you

face each and every day

with extraordinary strength......

I believe that you are a

truly good person,

a person committed to

do the right thing......always,

someone who is a

rare and beautiful gift

to everyone around you.

I believe in you.

I believe in all of you too!!!! Love, Kim

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