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This will be the 2nd holiday season with out my Mom. I was starting to feel a little better about everything then the holidays start and I'm back to square one again. My mom loved christmas, she would OVERLY decorate :D

It's really lonely without her hear, especially during the holidays. She would make all the baked goods, cookies, fudge all that kind of stuff. I miss her carmel rolls that she would make and I just miss her, I'm at work right now and just crying at my desk. I want her back so badly.


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I understand what you are going through. I want my dad back, this is going to be my first christmas without him and I am dreading the holidays.

He loved everything about christmas. I can't even bring myself to even think about it.

My advice is to remember the good times with your mom, and remember that she is part of you, and she is in your heart.

My therapist gave me that advice and its great. He also told me to get a article of his clothing and keep it. I have done that, I have my dad's shirt and it has his scent on the shirt and I never want to forget that.

Just looking at dads shirt sends me into tears.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, stay strong.

I know its easier said than done.

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Yes Dawn & Midnight... I'm feeling it too.

This will be my second Christmas without Mom. (Dad passed in 2002)

I miss them terribly. I miss shopping and making plans with Mom for the meals etc.

Each year without one or the other of them is different. And now with both of them gone, so is the only family home home I had ever known before I got married. I miss the smell, sounds and touch of home.

I told my sis... "You're home to me now. Whenever & wherever I'm with you... that's home to me." And she agreed. She's feeling it too. Not that my home here with my family isn't also home. But I think you know what I mean.

So we're not alone.

Maybe we could all post some about our Holiday memories a bit.. maybe thinking back to all of the good things we experienced with the ones we have left will make us feel a bit closer to them.

I think I'll start a thread.. so please feel free to post there about your favorite memories of the holidays.

(((hugs))) to you both.


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Dear DawnG,

Yes, there are many of us that can relate to what your feeling. I also I'm going through my second year without my mom. The emotions all start to flood over me starting with my mom's birthday on November 17th. Then it gets difficult during Thanksgiving time and now will continue through Christmas and into New Year's Day. All these hold special memories for me of my mom, and missing all that she did during these holidays. I miss her stuffing during Thanksgiving, her fudge, divinity, mexican wedding cookies during Christmas. The worst part is not being able to give a hug and tell her that I love her. I truly miss her, but I know she is in a better place, free from any pain and suffering. I know that she is watching over us - I and my sister. Be strong and know there are people here to help you.

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There is comfort in knowing we aren't alone with our pain.. isn't there?

At least it makes me feel a wee bit better knowing we are all going through this together and perfectly understand each other.

So I should say thanks for sharing here.. it does help me a bit.


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