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You won't believe this...

I have another funeral on Saturday.

It's one thing to be my age and lose your parents. It's quite another when my friends are starting to lose their spouses.

She was my age. We met & became friends in College. I introduced her around to some of my other friends and she ended up marrying one.

Yes she had a horrific & painful chronic illness for near 30 years. She had it when I met her. And it finally took her last night.

So.. she's home and now out of pain and can run, dance & skate again and I bet she's trying out flying as I type. God Bless her.

I'm a mess....


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Thanks Marty.. There was no way to prepare for this one so it caught me off guard. It was just one of those things that could maybe occur someday...and .. it did in this case.

And being that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and all of that.. I kinda feel blindsided a bit.

I will get my stride back.. but.. not tonight.... and maybe not tomorrow.


These past months it's been one thing after another. I barely get a moment to get through one thing and another is upon me.

Plus I'm in pain.. I had to get a cortisone shot in my elbow on Monday and that's been a'thumpin since. So when one is in pain.. it kinda amplifies everything else.. do you know what I mean? It kinda coats everything else going on, you know?

So I have zero focus and I'm praying I don't wreck things tomorrow. Hard to get a grip when you can't focus on what needs gripping.....

But this is life.... going on... well.. it's my life at the moment anyway. So all I can do is my best and hope it is enough.


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I feel your pain

I have been wondering why there is so much death and heartache and people losing their lives at such a young age. I believe in God but I wonder why he takes so many people.

My co-worker just lost his wife in a car accident she was 23 her mother was driving and someone drove right into their car, on the wrong side of the highway. So tragic. It's fortunate that her mom and son aged 5 survived the crash.

Another co-worker just had a tumor removed from his brain, and its cancer and its fast growing. The doctors gave him six months to live. He just had a grand daughter born the same time he was diagnosed. This is really hard to take he is only 52.

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I dunno why some die so young Midnight.

I just assume whatever they were supposed to do here .. they did. And it was/is time for them to move on.

I really don't know though.

And to be honest I don't even like pondering that too much. There really isn't a whole lot I can do to change things about that. But there is plenty I can change within my own life.

Boy your co-workers are going through the wringer right now and by proxy I'm sure it is impacting you as well. So go gently with you. And don't forget take care of you in the midst of all of this.

It just seems there are these times along our journeys when we are touched by so much loss, tragedy, crises, at once etc. I'd like a break from it all.. but.. for whatever reason... these things happen. All we can do is deal with them as best we can.

Rough start this morning for me.. but.. I managed. Tough day though.

Got guests coming tomorrow and some will be spending the night to attend the funeral on Saturday. So I'll be busy at least. Busy is good sometimes I guess.


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Survived it all. The poor husband looked horrendous but.. he was able to get some sleep Saturday night and had planned to just hibernate yesterday and watch a movie marathon that he enjoys. So he too is now on the grief journey.

There will be tough days ahead... but we all are gonna be keeping tabs on him as well as his sis and Mom. But I'll be praying for him as well for sure.

On a different note... I asked my friend, his wife, that had passed for a very specific sign on Friday morning. I asked her to send it just to let me know all was well and that she was ok.

Saturday night.. I got that sign. Gave me goosebumps as I didn't expect it so soon. But bang! there it was and there was no mistaking it. So I had much peace from that.


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