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1st Thanksgiving Without My Mom

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Had she not been there, the gravy would not have turned out absolutely perfect. It was strange without her body there, and we took flowers to her grave. The disturbing thing was that her headstone was turned almost sideways. That really bothered me, don't they attach those things?

Anyway, I got through it and now have Xmas to face.

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Glad she was with you Deb and that you felt her. That's wonderful.

I'm so sorry her grave headstone had been disturbed. Maybe you could call the folks there and see if they can right it again and make sure it doesn't turn again?

But I'm so relieved that you felt her presence on Thanksgiving Deb.. I know how much you have been wanting that. And maybe she will be with you at Christmas too.

This is a tough time for so many of us. But to have the affirmation of their presence around us does take the edge off the pain a bit for me. I hope so for you too.


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My brother's first treatment went well. He was in their office receiving the meds for six hours, then they sent him home with medicine attached to the pump to receive treatment for 22 hrs. He goes back today for another three hours, then home with the med attached for another total of 22 hrs. Then has it removed on Wednesday, blood test next Wednesday and then the following Monday does it again. Wow. Then he does radiation. Thanks for the prayers for him.

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