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A Dream Within A Dream

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First, I want to wish you a very happy birthday, Pat - hugs and cyber flowers. Your thoughtful and considerate responses to everyone shows just how brave you really are.

I had a dream last night. I woke (in my dream) and Joe was next to me. My hand was clutched against the side of his face, in his long ponytail. He was laying close to me, asleep, holding me. I thought, wow, is he here, you mean all of this was just a bad dream? He got up, went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I got up, and took a look at him having fun cooking - pots and pans were everywhere. It was like a normal day for us. I left the kitchen for a moment, then when I came back, the kitchen was empty of everything, and Joe was gone. This has put me in a tailspin since I woke up, with tears constantly at the surface. I just can't seem to find myself today. Love you all, Marsha

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What a nice dream of your dear Joe. It's the simple things that we miss the most. The sound of their footsteps, their laugh, just being together in quiet moments.

Those that still have their spouses just cannot imagine what it's like without them. I know I didn't. I knew I had it good, but could not have imagine the depth of despair and loneliness that I would have to experience without my husband.

Your dream was so comforting, but I know it was painful to wake up to the reality of Joe not being here. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Thank you for your kind words. I wish I had the words to comfort you now, but I do care about you.


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Hi Marsha, I've had a couple of those kind of dreams, so real, you could touch them. For a few moments all is right with the world. Its pretty hard to wake up from them. It takes awhile for you to get your bearings again. Don't be too hard on yourself and let yourself embrace the time that he was with you. Even though those kind of dreams make us cry, they bring their own small comfort, a wonderful memory. Deborah

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Dear Marsha,

I know Joe is close to you right now and seeing him healthy and doing what he enjoys and feeling the comfort of his arms must have been truly wonderful. I wish it were true and can understand your pain that it is not. We are given these grief bursts because it would be impossible to face all the pain and reality at once. Hang on, my friend. I'm thinking of you today.



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That is a beautiful dream, Marsha. I have had a few vivid dreams about my wife, but they are occurring less frequently and she only makes "cameo" appearances. One night last week I dreamed she was lying close to me and I had my hand on the side of her face.

Pat, you are so right - I miss the simple things the most.


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