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This heartwarming bit of news comes to us from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (eTrunklines Newsletter, January 2009)

Tarra & Bella -- Oh My!

On Friday, January 2nd, Steve Hartman of CBS News with Katie Couric aired a wonderful little story about Tarra and Bella's unique relationship. Of course, Sanctuary supporters have known about this beautiful friendship for years... but nothing could have prepared us for what would happen when Tarra and Bella entered America's living room one night.

The Sanctuary has been absolutely overwhelmed with calls and emails from people who were deeply touched by their story. And that was before the video began spreading like wildfire on the internet. Nearly two weeks later, Tarra and Bella are the #1 ranked video on the CBS News website, and various channels featuring the video clip on YouTube have amassed more than a million hits all over the world... and still counting!

It appears that Tarra, the inspiration for The Elephant Sanctuary, is not finished with her mission just yet. Fourteen years later, she is sparking a whole new wave of awareness and understanding about elephants--underscoring their social, sensitive, passionately intense, playful, complex, and exceedingly intelligent lives. We can't help but hope this is a positive sign for captive elephants in 2009. Way to go, Tarra!

Watch the video clip here:

Learn more about The Elephant Sanctuary here: http://www.elephants.com/

If you'd like to receive e-Trunklines, the Elephant Sanctuary's monthly email updates newsletter, you can add your name to the mailing list here: https://app.e2ma.net/app/view:Join/signupId...ilingId:1493622

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