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On August 8, 2008, I lost my father in a tragic accident. He was working on his zero turn radius lawn mower and it fell on him and killed him instantly. My dad was 58 years old. My dad and I were so close, he was my best friend. He always said that out of all three of his children, I was whom he could be himself around.

Three years prior, after Hurricane Katrina, my mother and father, after 35 years of marriage, split up. My father came to live with me and lived with me until February 2008. At 30 years old, it was hard to adapt to my dad living with me. But, there was never a time in my life that I even second guess the decision that I had made. So for the last three major holidays, my dad was with me. This holiday season has been exceptionally hard.

I go to therapy and have read a couple of books. I want to make sure I am ok. Some days, I am not. I miss my dad so much. He was my everything. I had the typical Daddy's Little Girl Syndrome.. I admit, I was spoiled by my dad but, I was also taught to be independent and to be responsible. I had the best dad in the world that anyone could ask for. I feel as if I was truly blessed to be his daughter. With all of that being said, I feel like a huge part of me is gone and there is this empty hole inside of me.

Last night I received a phone call from my dad's sister. My grandfather, has had a stroke, is now blind and on a feeding tube and he will soon pass. I know this is selfish, but, why now? I am having a hard enough time with losing my dad.

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Hi Laurenp,

I know it looks like the world is crashing down around you but know that God is with you and He only gives you what you can handle... In my life, My parents were my world and April of 2005 I lost my mom on vacation on our final day there... Here we were trying to deal with go home which was another country and now losing my mom as well... All seemed so unreal, I thought nothing else can happen to me right now but four months later I lost my dad to cancer which I never knew he even had...Soon after that I switch jobs, lost most of my friends, change addresses from where I live for twenty six years and lost the best neighbors I ever had... Now it is almost four years later except for a few rough days things are better... I guess you will always have rough days but most of the time you will learn how to deal in a whole new way...So Laurenp, it is easy to say I know how you feel but no one knows because grief is personal and no one grieves the same... So aloud yourself to deal with it your own way... I hope this helps Shelley

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He Lauren,

I am so sorry for the loss of your dad, I too am daddies little girl. You must be feeling a great loss.

I am also happy to hear you did get to spend some quality time with him before he passed. I am also sad to

hear about your grandfather, you and your entire family our in my prayers. Take care of yourself as much as you can, however you have to feel the grief as hard as it is some days. I so understand the empty hole you explaned as I have it also, I loss my mother on Nov 15 and husband on March 21 both in the same year. I am on my way to my fathers house, he is ill now also. I hold on to the saying the God does not put on more than you can bear. So I just keep moving as I pray you are doing. My thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.

Keeping the Faith


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I am so sorry for the loss of your father. You and your grandfather are in my prayers. Please take care of yourself. It is hard to think of taking care of yourself sometimes, but it is so important. Please see us as arms to hug you tightly, and open ears ready to listen.

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I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain.

I lost my dad in 2008 and even though he was 96 and sick we anticipated his death for months but it was not easy when he died.

I was daddy's little girl too and I miss him so much.

I am going to see a therapist to help me deal with the pain.

My therapist told me to keep a journal of all the good times with Dad, and this has helped me greatly.

He also told me to take a shirt of him, and when I am hurting to hold it and cuddle it, again this has helped me.

And he told me to talk to my dad everyday and I do this.

I say hey there Dad how are you I am thinking of you today, and talk to him like he was there with you. I do this all the time, and even though dad is gone, rememer you are a part of him. You will always have your dad in your heart.

You are who you are because of your dad, and cherish those memories.

For my dad's memorial coming up Feb. 21/09 he loved grain elevators. So I found this bottle of whisky in the shape of a grain elevator so I put some of dad's ashes in it, and I am going to put it in my backyard so that dad will always be with me.

Think of something that means something to you and your dad and cherish these times together.

You had to go through a healing grieving process. You will always miss your dad, but some days will be better than others.

Now its almost been one year since dad has passed away I still cry when I think of it, but I turn these tears into happiness because I know he is not suffering anymore. And I think of all the good times that we had together and I play these memories over in my head as much as I need to in order to get better.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. There are better days ahead for you

Take care

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