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Here is a poem given to me, I thought I would share with all of you. The poem means a lot to me and I can just hear him tell me these things :wub:

I'm still with you

I know you lost me only a short time ago

But there are so many things, that I still want

you to know.

Everytime you feel sad, and a tear comes

to your eye,

I regret the moment I left you, that lonely

day when I died.

Please know I'm with you in your heart.

That we're still together, even though we seem


God has chosen this way for me. I know

it's hard for you to see, but now I can watch

down over you more closely, don't ever doubt

that I am really by your side.

For you are everything I ever hoped you would

be. And still very much a special part of me.

I am sending this message to you from

Heaven, up above.

Close your eyes, open your heart and

allow yourself to feel my love.

Open your heart!

(Author unknown)

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Oh, this poem makes me cry. It's so sweet and tender. So loving. So special. I really love to read it, and think of this, though. Might just have to print this one out.

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