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Forever Gone But Forever In Our Hearts


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Forever Gone but Forever in Our Hearts

by Rosebud

The caring prayers, the shaking shock -

This awful news my world did rock.

No one knew how it happened or why.

We were all so sad; it made me cry.

How unfair it should have happened now -

Won't someone ever tell me how?

Her tears had dried, her pain had healed;

And God chose this time for her life to yield.

It's later now, while we've moved on -

We miss her as though she had just gone.

We'll never forget all the good she did,

Even though, to her our farewells we've bid.

We love her still, we miss her yet;

And on this I'll forever bet.

If she is truly in our hearts,

From us she'll never be truly apart.

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Thank you for posting this sweet, sweet poem. I feel I really need it right now. Thank you. :)



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