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"the Last Time"


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This is a poem I wrote, trying to focus on a particular moment or time with my dad. So far what I had written in poems was more..abstract, feelings. I decided I wanted to try a different approach.


"The Last Time"

by Chai

The last time she saw him

The door was open wide

The last she saw him

His smile opened her up inside.

She sat down by the bed

Wanted to say, dad I love you so

But she put on a brave face

And tried to prepare to let him go.

His blue eyes were glowing

His laughter filled the air

She wanted to cry, don't leave me

Let her tears fall in his hair

Instead she was joyful by his side

They talked into the night

She wanted him to be strong

And fill his heart with light

The last time she saw him

She didn't say goodbye

But she can tell his spirit now

'I'll meet you in the sky.'


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:) Thank you. I'm glad that my poem can speak to others.
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