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One of my kids, Boo, went over rainbow bridge last Tuesday night. I want to write more and share about him but I can't seem to think about him without crying. So I think it would be hard to type if the screen was all fuzzy.

I never ever thought I would feel this way again after Petey died in January of 2004. I suppose that was pretty stupid thinking considering we have 14, errr 13 :angry2: and sad cats and three dogs. Since Petey died we have lost 3 other kitties and it was difficult but Boo's loss is horrific. Just like it was when Petey died.

The day after Boo died one of our other cats Bess, had to be taken into the vet. She's only eaten about a tablespoon of food a day, if that. However she is not dehydrated so that is good. I had to bring Bess back in today to have her blood drawn again. The lab messed up the first readings. :angry::angry::angry::angry: and a million more. I hate waiting. I hate not knowing especially since the premilinary labs showed that it could be cancer. Too many tears.

Then two days after Boo died, we got Flirt's labs back. Well she needs to go in for an Ultrasound because there is something wrong with her liver.

Ok, I manged to accomplish today's two goals, breathing and taking care of the other kids. Part of me wants to stop the breathing goal so I can go be with my Boo and Petey. The tears are beginning to poor out. I need to go.

Thanks for listening and understanding.

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Dear MyKids,

It's so hard losing someone in your family. I went through it with my cat, Dinty, on May 3, 2009 - the hardest day of my life. I do have another cat, Onyx and she is 15 years old. I'm concerned with her health, but I know if something happens, I will do whatever needs to be done to take care of her, like you will with yours!

I pray that all the tests on Bess and Flirt come back OK. My thoughts are with you.

Boo was so lucky to have you!


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Dear One,

I'm so sorry to learn the sad news about your beloved Mr. Boo, and sorry, too, that you find yourself feeling exactly as you did when Petey died. (I remember that well, my dear friend.) The difference now is that you know you've been here before, you know you can survive, and you know what to do to help yourself. Please remember that when you mourn the loss of a very special love, you grieve at 100%, and that is what you're doing now. You know what you need to do to get through this, and you know that it won't always feel as bad as it does right now. You've already taken some important steps to help yourself ~ one of which is coming here. We are here for you, we've wrapped our arms around you, and we will not let you walk this difficult path alone.

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