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For Martyand My Old Friends

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Hellow my far away friends .Lately I wonder the way my mind works and how my moods keep chaging.there are days that I have hope and optimistik thoughts and my mind is supporting my feelingsand then days come without hopewithout wanting the rest of my life aloneno joy ond no meening in anything I do.I work hard to keep my body tired so I can get some sleep.I have toask how can you explain the same person the same mind and under thesame conditions can be so diferend .What bothers me most is that I can not remember my own thoughts that make me feel better and help myself the days that I feel down.Today is one of the down days .Yiany is gone for33 months and my mother 3months.THANKYOU for beeing here for me .Love from far away TENY

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Dear Teny,

One of the things I miss the most is someone telling me (several times a day) how much they love me. On the days I feel the worst, I crave to hear those words more than anything. It helps, somewhat, to look at where I've been and how far I've come and say it to myself. I try and imagine it as Bob saying it and I feel better. You are starting to have days where you have hope and optimistik thoughts. That is growth and amazing and wonderful. You've come a long way. Don't let the down days make you feel stuck. Someday, those good days will string together longer.

Hang in there,


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Have you tried writing your thoughts down in a journal? It might help you to see that there are good days and bad days...and to analyze what causes some days to be well and some to not. If you can see some correlation perhaps you can see what to do more of and what to do less of.

So many things affect our moods...hormones, dates of events, outside influence...people, stress...work, etc., even the foods we eat! Losing someone close to you is one of the biggest challenges of all upon our emotions...keep working at it, it has to get better!



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All I have is the thoughts of my best friend in my mind. And it is true all I can hear her saying is I love you darling, infact She was so clear in saying it to me once when I was down. She said, Noone will love you as I love you. I wish I could hear her again. But she is in my heart and my heart will go on..and on...with her. I believe that when we think of our friend they gave us hope. Now sometimes we are not able to see that but we must find that hope within our hearts where my friend resides.

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