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Some Good News And A Dream

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I haven't posted in while, but I've been lurking around. I found out i'm pregnant - which is VERY good news, only wish i could tell my mom. If all goes well (and i hope and pray all goes well..) I am due 2 days after the 1 year anniversary of my mom's passing. I'm not sure if that is actually good or bad, but i think it will make a very difficult time that i was dreading into a happy time to celebrate. And i FINALLY got to dream about my mom, it's been almost five months and i just wanted to dream about her so i could talk to her that entire time - and i did last week - i got to tell her (in my dream) i was pregant and she was so so happy!! We're not sharing the news yet, i'm only about 8 weeks along but i thought i'd share my happy news here. It's happy news but at the same time it really has me missing her, i always imagined she'd talk me through things and be there to help out after the birth so it's difficult but good.


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Congratulations Michelle.

What wonderful news. Know that your mom will be there with you every step of the way. Maybe she can't physically be there but she'll have the best seat in the house for this baby's entire life.

I can't wait until you feel that movement for the first time (I'm assuming this is your first child). I don't know if there is anything more exciting. After he/she is born you will find yourself saying, "Oh, mom would have loved that" and that's Ok. It just keeps your loved one around. My one grandson just recently was talking about my dad who died 5 years before he was born as if he had known him. It's good to keep that memory alive.

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