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I Just Lost My Mom

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Hello everyone. I send my condolences to everyone in this forum. Losing a parent can be especially hard. This is my 2nd significent loss in about 5 years. My mom passed away in her sleep this past Thur. morning. Even though she was 70 y.o. and had catherization done months ago, I wasn't expecting this. (Why do we all say that). I mean, she had more energy than ever before, she was walking alot more than before surgery and she told me she hasn't felt this good in years. She went out shopping on Wed and she sounded fine. They think its natural causes but it doesn't feel natural to me. I wanted and prayed for her to live to be 100, but a few months ago she said that people probably aren't meant to live past 70. (Why did she have to say that) .

My sister and I have been doing so much running around that I haven't had the time to stop and feel what's happening here. I haven't cried at all since her death and I do miss her but for some reason I go numb when things like this happen. I do feel the knot in my stomach but I become detached and analytical about her death. I know its good to cry and I'm really not holding anything back but I'm wondering why this is happening again. When my fiance passed away I didn't cry until much later after everyone else had finished.

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Hi... So sorry about your mom. I think you must go through a numb period. I know it takes time for reality to sink in. It doesn't matter how long our parents live, we still want them to live longer. My mom was 65 and spent the last 5 years of here life battling lung cancer. She fought a long and hard battle, but it was still difficult to accept that she was gone. Take care of yourself and don't rush your feelings. Give yourself a break. The tears will come and you will be exhausted from them. Your mom was probably trying to prepare you when she said that people weren't meant to live beyond 70. 1 week before my mom passed, she told us not to get her a hospital bed because she wouldn't be here when it arrived. She had the bed for 5 days. I think sometimes a person just knows when it will be their time to leave us.

I hope you find some comfort by being here and by reading other posts. It has helped me.

Take care....


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I'm sorry for everyone's losses. I also always prayed my Mom would live a long life too. After my Dad died I became paranoid about my Mom's health. She died very suddenly and even though she had health issues, I was still shocked. I really thought she'd live into her 90's or at least 80's. I guess it was wishful thinking. I just see so many people living longer and longer, I guess I convinced myself it could happen.

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