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I Am In Denial.. It Scares Me

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Thank you all for your previous responses. It does help to think there are people who are going through the same thing I am.

It has been 2 weeks since my mom passed (that is so difficult for me to say). At the beginning, I was thinking about her and bawling. Now, I have almost convinced myself that it did not happen. I still have my crying fits but somehow I convince myself that I can bring her back or that she is still camping.

She died a week after entering hospital. Nobody knew she had lung cancer. She was diagnosed in the hospital. It just can't be real.

I also feel very lazy around the house. I am not accomplishing much and I think this kind of irks my hubby.

Thanks for listening.


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My husband died three weeks ago yesterday. And yes, I have noticed I am not sobbing as much. But same as you, now that the initial shock has passed, I now am experiencing the feeling of really, really wanting to talk to him.

I guess this must be the time this feeling starts to kick in.

And about the house - wow, I just can't do much of anything around here. No motivation. And this is very unlike me!

Yesterday my daughter-in-law called at around 4:00 pm and wanted to brings the boys down to see me. I said to her "give me an hour so I can get dressed, I am still in my housecoat".

I have vowed to myself that today I will get dressed early and will begin straightening things up around here and doing some laundry. Don't know if I will actually accomplish it, but I have set the goal.


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Dee Gee,

Thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear about your husband and you having to go through this.

As for the house, I started setting a timer and I tell myself o.k. 15 minutes of organizing or cleaning. If later I want to do another 15 minutes then so be it.

How old are your grandkids?

Take good care of yourself



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