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Valley's Spine Operation Tomorrow

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Valley, I cannot find the words that I seek to tell you what I want to say and how I feel.

I can only begin to imagine what you feel and fear right now, without your soulmate holding your hand.

Enough already ... haven't you suffered enough for a thousand lifetimes? I feel quite outraged by this ... as though the balance is so off kilter in the universe that it's amazing that no one has noticed and therefore rectified it. But then we already knew that ... and we also know there is no reason or logic that can be applied to what is put in front of us to overcome ... yet, that said, I feel very strongly about it.

I am pleased your son is taking you. I am convinced that Tom is going with you too and will be watching their every move. He loves you. You just can't see him. Small compensation, I know for the touch of his hand or a hug.

Good luck with your operation on your spine tomorrow Valley. You have become so special to me.

I will be thinking of you all day ... when are you back home?



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