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Our Family Is Falling Apart

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It has been 8months today since Ben left us...His uncle passed away on Thursday and the service is Tues...My baby daughter that lives in Georgia (she is 25 but still my baby) is coming in for the funeral so i called my sister in law to see if she could take us to the funeral and found out that one of my other sister-in-laws is having surgery on Tues morning...They are going to remove 2 groths from her neck they think she has cancer...I am so upset since Ben left us his sister in Tenesee has had a stroke to of our nephews have had strokes, I have been very sick on Fri i will be having surgery to see how bad my kidney failure is, and than i am having a procedure on my throat to see if i have a tumor in my troat...I just don't know how much more bad news i can handle!!!!I am very close to my sister in laws all 8 of them they are my sisters and we do everything together!!!We always make sure we have lunch together at least once a month sometimes more often than that....We plan trips together and everthing so this news just makes me sadder and the fact that Ben isn't here to talk to and tell him how scared i am!!! Thank you for letting be babble !!!

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My thoughts and prayers are with you. After my husband died, his family also had a terrible time (though it doesn't sound to be quite on the scale of the trials you are facing). My sister-in-law and her husband had their jewelry store broken into (and subsequently 2 more times, though the second and third times they didn't really get anything). And then they had to put down their family dog. And one of my husband's uncles had a small stroke, and is now also in the first stages of alzheimers. His wife had just finished undergoing radiation for breast cancer. And now, it appears my parents' cat is going into kidney failure. Sigh. However, we have had positive things going on in our lives, too (I may be biased, but a lot of it centers around our daughter - she has been a shining light in everyone's lives - big responsibility for such tiny shoulders...).

I certainly don't have any magic words, other than you know we will all be thinking of you. Stay as strong as you can be, and be with your family, as it sounds like you are all so close; you will need each other to get through everything.



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