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Paying Medical Bills

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God I don't know what to do. The boy who hit us in the accident only had a total of $70,000 in insurance. My sister and I was sending all bills to his insurance company to pay. If I go after him with a lawyer my lawyer says most likely he will declare bankruptcy and not pay any medical bills. So one check for 35000 was sent to me. I thought my BC BS was paying all my bills so I signed off the claim Now I look at Duke's bills Medicare paid one part if think, but BC BS isn't paying cause it's a motorcycle vehicle accident. Some of the bills are 111,000 and more. I'm already receiving calls from medical collection. I called my lawyer and left a message with him of how "out of control" I feel. Duke settled all this kind of stuff. I'm so afraid I'll have no money left. I'm leaving to see my sister in fLORIDA but I'm afraid Ill continue to be anxious through the trip. Has anyone ever gone through this. Please advise me.

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I'm not sure where you live and insurance laws vary from state to state, but did you check if there is any coverage available under your motorcycle insurance? In PA we have uninsured / underinsured coverage which will kick in if the person responsible doesn't have insurance or doesn't have adequate insurance. Just a thought. But, I agree that your attorney is the best person to speak to about this matter.

I'm praying for you. It is so unfair to have to be dealing with these issues while you are grieving.

Peace and blessings,


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Dear Jrm,

I think after the other insurance runs out, your own insurance should kick in as it was a motor vehicle accident. After that, your private medical or medicare would cover. It's best to have an attorney sort through it, and then get the hospital involved in the coordination of benefits. Don't worry about him declaring bankruptcy. He is still responsible for his liability. That's why there is insurance to begin with.

I know it is so difficult to have to deal with anything extra right now, especially as you try to heal yourself, so seek the help of professionals and tread lightly. It may exhaust you even further.


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