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Kath And Bob's Wedding Anniversary

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Kath, I send you my love and wish we could all come sit with you tomorrow (25th Oct).

My heart is crying for you because I know how hard this is, especially on these big days.

I wish for you some smiles and laughter on your special day and hope it passes quickly for you.


Boo xxx

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Dear Boo,

Thank you for thinking of me. I wish you could come sit with me, too. It's different this year in that I didn't think about our anniversary for the whole month, but it is heavy on my mind today, for sure. We really looked forward to a major celebration on the 25th. We loved being married to each other. It made each of us so much better than we were alone.

Tomorrow I will go to a benefit for a former co-worker. She is a young wife and mother who's cancer has come back and has spread to her liver. I ache for what she is going through. It is because of Bob's illness that I understand it all too well.


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