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I have not been on in a long time. i first started coming here when i lost my mom on July 3rd, 2006. I just found out my brother died. We have not spoken since my mom passed. I had wrote a long post about my family and how we don't speak when i was grieving my mom. My brother died 1yr ago and i just found out from someone. I feel so sad and the pain of the grief is so overwhelming. i am afraid to feel that way again. he did not want me to know he was dying or to come see him . I just can't believe he left this world with so much anger towards me. I gave up my anger, forgave him and continued to pray for him everyday and hoped one day we would be a family again. Now that will never happen. i can't change what has happened but i am not sure how to go on from here. I have 3 other siblings and none of us speak . I want to some how reach out to them so that this does not happen again. Even if they don't want a relationship i think i need to let them know how i feel. they don't even talk amongst themselves. My heart is broken and I don't want to be on this journey again. The pain is to great. Thanks for listening. Lori

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Lori your siblings don't face book do they? If they do try to get their contact info & keep in touch in small ways. If not maybe the best thing that you can do is put a letter together & express exactly what you have written here. I to could help & certainly wouldn't hurt. It must be hard to endure this kind of pain & I hope that you can get together with them as life is way too short for grudges. I hope your grief is lessened soon & that I am of some help to you. Joe

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I'm sorry Lori for your loss and especially for the problems with your siblings. I know the feeling.And in these very tuff times we need all the support we can get. Especially we need support from those who are going thru the same thing.

I might suggest that you write your siblings a letter.Tell them how you feel about what has happened.Tell them how you feel about them.

That is all you can do is to reach out and if they're willing they will respond back to you in a positive manner and I hope they do.

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